Feeding Our Souls, One Shabbat at a Time


I have a short attention span! Tell me what this is about quick!

This site is designed to help you create a dinner party.

Uh… really?!? That’s it?

OK, I might have left out a few details. But I didn’t know HOW short your attention span was.

The “dinner party” I’m talking about is very specific – a gathering of people who want to share Jewish ideas and talk about Torah. The main assumption is that these gatherings will usually be on Friday night and will include singles, couples and kids, as well as people from many backgrounds and traditions.

Is that hard? You need a web site to tell you how to do that?

In my experience, not really. But when I tell people what happens every week in my home, the response I get is often “EVERY WEEK?!? How do you do it?”. I get that response, not only from everyday folks but also from clergy, educators, and people from all walks of Jewish life.

That was my clue that what we were doing was – if not unique – then very rare

So how does this site work, exactly?

Overall, the goal of this site is to provide you with ideas to host a Torah discussion group, with food as the “hook”. But what else can you find here?

The main page has at least one post a week – a sample invitation to friends that briefly describes the Torah portion and identifies an idea from the portion to use as the food theme. Also in that space you will find d’vrei Torah, ideas and riffs on Jewish ideas. Finally, I also post essays that describe the Jewish experiences my family and I are having, since it’s such a central part of our lives.

If you want more information, you can take a quick look at “How Does This Work“, or get the full history from “And So It Begins“. Of course, there’s always the “About” page as well.

If you like what you see, you can stay in touch via Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feed or good old email updates. There’s also a chance to sign up for the weekly Email newsletter, which contains a brief wrap up of the posts that week, the food theme and invitation, and discussion questions you can use to keep the conversation going.

Poke around, see what you can find. If you have an idea for improvements, I would love to hear it. Really!


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