Shabbat Tetsaveh (Ex. 27:20-30:10)

Last week, we read about how the Israelites “clothed” the Mishkan, the Tent of Meeting. In fact, if you look at it you can see that they actually built a person and then clothed it – the Ark of the Covenant as the heart (with the Divine spark of life – the Tablets of Law – inside), the sacrificial altar as the head, the framing as a skeleton and the skins and fabrics as… well, skins and fabrics that surround and cloth a person.

This week, we look at the Mishkan made small: The Priest. We find out how to imbue a regular person with a Divine presence and purpose: breastplate, ephod, tunic, robe, hat and more.

This metaphor may be even more powerful when you recall that the Israelites were commanded to be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. It is upon each of us to garb ourselves for holy work.

SO… limited only by your creativity and the category of food assigned, please plan to bring something you dress up to be holy.

Not sure what this Torah portion is about? You can find a brief summary in The Edible Torah’s “Condensed Guide to the Weekly Torah Readings”. For more information on what The Edible Torah is all about, along with insight on how to set up a pot-luck Shabbat experience, check out “The Edible Torah”.