#BlogElul Day 24: Hope

In his book “The Gift of Fear”, Gavin de Becker stays:
“Worry is a way to avoid change; when we worry, we don’t do anything about the matter. Worry is a way to avoid admitting powerlessness over something, since worry feels like we’re doing something.”

A few days ago on my other blog, I related the biblical story about Jacob when he went to meet Esau. In that narrative, Jacob did 3 things: He planned, he prepared, and then he prayed. But he didn’t worry. Or if he did, it was expressed as something he was feeling, but not something he was DOING.

What does this have to do with today’s prompt – hope? Am I saying that hope is similar to worry in that it’s a feeling but not an action, but is often confused as action?

That’s one possible take on it.

But I think hope is materially different than worry. Hope is the prayer we don’t dare voice yet. The thing we want but are afraid to ask for. Or afraid to be refused. So we offer up our non-prayer to the universe, the uncommitted “I hope for such-and-such” which gives us an out when it doesn’t come through.

I say PRAY. Ask for it. Ask with your whole heart. Let your hopes give way to action.

Like Jacob, let the emotion drive you to act, to give you urgency.

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