#BlogElul Day 21: Love

Just a week ago, I challenged you to change. I asked you to consider what it would take to walk away from the things that occupy your “regular” day and, by walking away, recharge and revitalize yourself so that you can dive into them again.

How is that plan going? Are you on track? Still not convinced? Absolutely opposed to it? Haven’t given it another thought?

If you are already convinced that Shabbat – a day of unplugging – is worthwhile, then we’re not having this conversation. But if you are still unsure, and it’s not simply because of the logistics, then you are probably stuck on some version of “who cares anyway”.

Because God said so.
Yeah, so what?

While it’s true that “Because I said so” is the bastion of frustrated parents everywhere, it comes from a deep emotional place.

“It is too hard to explain why. There’s a reason – a good, rational, important, valid reason. But it’s one that you don’t have the tools to process right now. I am looking forward to the future time when I can give an explanation and you will have that “aha!” moment. But today is not that day. Today, I need for you to do this because I said so. Because I need you to trust me on this one. Because you realized I am drawing on a deeper well of experience and knowledge.”

“I need you to do it because you love me.”

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