#BlogElul Day 10: Count

My son doesn’t count.

Not that he CAN’T count, or WON’T count. He simply doesn’t count YET.

For a minyan, I mean. You see, he’s 12. 12 1/2 actually. He’s counting the weeks, the days. In fact, there are times when he’s counting the hours until he can be included in the count for 10 adult Jewish men.

Despite this, despite his status as Jew non grata, he still comes to services. Every morning with me, every Shabbat, really every chance he gets. He does everything he can – he leads the first part of the service (which children are permitted to lead), he helps cover the Torah between aliyot, etc. He even tries to participate in places where he truly CAN’T – one day when it came time for Hagbah’a (the lifting of the Torah, which can weigh 30 or 40 pounds) he was standing holding onto the handles, ready to go.

“You get an “A” for enthusiasm, kid” said the Rabbi.

It occurred to me that we all should be like that. When we find something we are excited about, attracted to, feel an affinity for, we should show up for that thing and just BE there, even if our presence and participation doesn’t “count”.

We should cheer for the team. We should read the blog and comment with at least a “thanks for sharrng” if not mentioning something you learned. Let people who are part of the group know you are there, interested, engaged.

It may not seem like much, but trust me, it counts for a lot. For the things that matter, showing up before it “counts” is sometimes more important because without that, we won’t be ready when things change and our contribution WILL count!

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