#BlogElul Day 9: See

Earlier, I blogged about Knowing, and how “I know” is a phrase that frequently closes us off.

“I see” is the opposite. “I see” is the expression of dawning comprehension, of discovery. A less gutteral “aha!”.

And then there’s the seeing we do when we say “We’ll see”.

When we say “We’ll see” in sincerity, we tap into our ability to be patient.
to be open to possiblility
to be ready for what the world (and God) show us

and we express our intention to let THAT be the result. Not to force events or people into our own imposed reality.

“I see” is what we say when we have looked deep inside, and find aspects of our ourselves that either work or don’t, but we are honest about what we discovery.

“We’ll see” is what we then say when we are ready to accept God’s plan for us, in response both what we found and how we intend to change.

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