#BlogElul Day 8: Hear

One of the aspects of Selichot davening is the blowing of the shofar. Whereas Ashkenazim will blow the shofar once, at the end of regular morning services, Sephardim blow the shofar multiple times during Selichot prayers and then not at all during Shacharit.

This year, both of my boys have taken on the responsibility of doing the shofar blowing. Because they are boys; and because they are MY boys, and because they are MY TEENAGE BOYS, I must stand between them or risk having to explain why two shofars are broken and my sons are in the ER with face lacerations.

You can see where this is going. I have the unique opportunity to hear the shofar quite clearly

The challenge in all of this is for me to focus on the message of the shofar, rather than the noise of it.

I feel like this is true of other calls to action we get throughout the year, and throughout our life. Listening past the noise to the message within.

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