#BlogElul Day 3: Search

In his blog on today’s theme, Rabbi Davidovich says “One doesn’t search for something he doesn’t know is there to be found.”

That idea caught my imagination.

It’s not that you always find exactly what you expect, or that all searches result in SOMETHING being found. But you never start looking unless you believe whatever it is you want or need is “out there”.

A few years ago, when my family’s movement from Reform to Orthodox was in full swing, I (like many Baalei Teshuvah) was looking for evidence of family minhagim (traditions) even though my parents and grandparents were not particularly observant.

A chance comment to Rabbi Davidovich – that I knew my family originally emigrated from Turkey to Seattle – caused him to show me the official siddur of the Seattle Sephardic congregation.

And there, on page 5, was the name of a cousin I didn’t know I had. An Orthodox Jewish cousin, who proved to be a wellspring of insight into family traditions from a century ago.

There are times – many of them – when a search proves fruitless. And there are moments when a search for one thing leads to an entirely different type of discovery.

But there are rare moments when the search for something reveals exactly what you were hoping to find.