BlogElul Day 4: Accept

This post is part of the #blogelul project started by the inimitable Ima On (and off) the Bima. I am using it as my motivation to rejuvenate this site and get myself back into the swing of things.

Today is Shabbat, and I decided to accept two things:

First: I was uncomfortable with the idea that something I had a part in creating would appear on Shabbat.

Even though I know, and most of my readers know, that it was created in advance, and only turned on via an internet “timer” – much like the light in my dining room – it was still non-obvious enough to bother me.

That discomfort puts me in a particular place on the Jewish spectrum. It may not be who I was at one time, but it is who I am now. I accept that (albeit with some trepidation)

Second: I wasn’t going to get my act together to write this blog post. Sunday’s isn’t done yet either, but I am hopefuly I’ll have time to get that one done, and get ahead for the coming week.