Ha’Azinu (Deuteronomy 32:1 – 32:52)

Courtesy of Julie Seltzer and MyJewishLearning.com

In the portion this week, Moses teaches the song (or poem, depending on how you interpret it) to the Israelites, the one that describes what is going to happen to them (entering the land, turning away from God, getting clobbered with curses, returning to God generations later).

This song is intended to be a lifeline to that future generation, the instruction that will tell them – when they are ready – that they can return to God and how exactly to do that.

It’s powerful stuff, and the words are moving even in translation:

Give ear, O heavens, let me speak;
Let the earth hear the words I utter!
May my discourse come down as the rain,
My speech distill as the dew,
Like showers on young growth,
Like droplets on the grass.
For the name of the Lord I proclaim;
Give glory to our God!

But in order for the future generation to have these words as an instruction, Moses must first give it to the current generation and teach it until they commit it to memory. Only then can he be sure that the echo of his memory will still be heard years later.

SO… limited only by your creativity and the category of food we will assign (when you let us know if you can make it), please bring a food of the heart – something you know by heart, something hearty, something near and dear to your heart… or any other heartfelt interpretation!

Not sure what this Torah portion is about? You can find a brief summary in The Edible Torah’s “Condensed Guide to the Weekly Torah Readings”. For more information on what The Edible Torah is all about, along with insight on how to set up a pot-luck Shabbat experience, check out “The Edible Torah”.

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