Geek-Matria 16 – The Final Edition

Well, this is it – my final  Geek-matria post (at least for the next 89 years). It’s only fitting that this series end on a date with is mono-numeric (all 1’s) as well.

As with the other posts in this series, I converted today’s date from binary into a number, and then to find out the words that had that numeric value according to Gematria.

(With appreciation to Bill Heidrick for his work on this site)

Today’s (11-11-11) date equates to 63. The Hebrew words that have that numeric value are:

NunVauDaletBetAleph (713 w/f); Abadon, place of the dead; destruction; place of destruction; the abyss (see also HayDaletBetAleph).
(6+3=9 or, on finals, 713 -> 11. Sephir Yetzirah: “10, not 9, not 11. wo/f lacks 1, w/f excess by 1 of perfection. Aleph = 1 is the symbol of the no-thing, yet 10 > 1. — This word embodies all and null, but stresses null and only possesses all by implication).
SamekhBetAleph to feed, to fatten; to collect, to bring together; to fill in, to cram.
VauNunVauAleph pr.n. “Powerful” or “Rich”.
HayNunVauBet pr.n. “Insight”.
LamedLamedGimel to roll, cause to turn; hollow out, excavate; a rolling; dung, ordure (rounded form or of men); turn, circumstance.
HayNunDaletDalet pr.n. “Low Country”.
GimelNunVauDalet wax.
HayKafLamedChet wretchedness, wretched one.
HayNunChet to bend, turn, to incline; to settle down in, to dwell in, encamp; to be pointed, to pierce; compassions, mercies; pr.n. “Beauty”.
NunGimelYod (713 w/f); to press or crush.
NunVauBetAlephDalet (713 w/f); a pining away.
NunVauGimelDalet (713 w/f); pr.n. “Fish-like” or “prolific” — name of Dagon, the fish god.
NunVauZain to nourish, pamper; to point, sharpen; to shape, form; to deck, ornament, deck out, adorn; to be well fed.
HayAlephYodLamedZainYod pr.n. “Deliverance”.
LamedAlephYodDaletChetYod pr.n. “God gladdens”.
AlephDaletYodChetMem pr.n. “renowned”.
HayYodChetMem preservation of life; sustenance, livelihood; a wound or sore.
BetAlephKafMem pain suffering; sorrow, grief.
AlephYodBetNun a prophet, a speaker.
HayHayGimelNun brightness, splendour.
HayChetNun to lead or guide.
AlephBetSamekh to sip or suck in, to keep drinking, to tipple; a drunkard.
drink; drinking bout or carousal.
pr. n. “Sabean Man”, name of a son of Cush and the Sabean people.

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