Geek-Matria 14

Continuing my Geek-matria theme I took a few moments to convert today’s date from binary into a number, and then to find out the words that had that numeric value according to Gematria.

(With appreciation to Bill Heidrick for his work on this site)

Today (11-01-11) date equates to 55. The Hebrew words that have that numeric value are:

YodMemDaletAleph pr.n. of a city “Human”.
pr.n. “Edomite”, “Idumean”.
NunDaletAleph (705 w/f); to make firm, to settle, to rule or govern.
foundation, pedestal; basis (of a pillar) or timbers underlying (wooden partitions).
MemYodBetGimel (615 w/f); pr.n. “Cisterns” or “Locusts”.
NunBetGimel (705 w/f); gibbous, to curve; hunch-backed.
BetNunGimel to steal, rob; thief.
HayMemVauDalet stillness; the grave.
VauHayYodLamedDalet pr.n. “Yah hath saved”; (49).
LamedKafHay to take, receive, hold; to be strong, firm.
KafLamedHay (535 w/f); to go; to be going to die; to spread; to extend; float; flow; continue, keep on; to walk, to live, pursue a way of life; to go away, to disappear, be gone, depart, die; a way, course, stream; a way-tax, toll.
NunHay (705 w/f); they; you, this, that; lo!, behold!; if; whether?
HayAlephMemTet uncleanness; impurity; an unclear thing.
LamedAlephVauChetYod pr.n. “God Quickens” or “God declares”.
HayMemYod to be hot; to be bright; to be warm.
LamedHayKaf to be able.
HayLamedKaf to hold, contain, restrain; to be complete, finished; to be prepared, ready; to be destroyed; to waste away; to fail; to pass away or vanish; conclusion, completion; utterly, completely; destruction, utter ruin; pining, failing; to be stable, firm; a bride, spouse; a daughter-in-law.
HayKafLamed to thee; pr.n. “Journey”.
HayVauDaletMem garment; disease, sickness.
ChetZainMem to gird; a girdle; a bond, fetter.
DaletAlephNun to envelope, to be hollow.
a leather bottle.
BetGimelNun to be dry.
drought; the south (the dry quarter); South Palestine.
AlephDaletNun to drive away.
HayNun eminence or excellency.

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