Geek-Matria 12

Continuing my Geek-matria theme I took a few moments to convert today’s date from binary into a number, and then to find out the words that had that numeric value according to Gematria.

(With appreciation to Bill Heidrick for his work on this site)

Today (10-10-2011) date equates to 43. The Hebrew words that have that numeric value are:

DaletVauBetKafYodAleph pr.n. “Inglorious”.
LamedVauDaletGimel great, vast, mighty.
LamedYodGimel to roll; a revolving; age; exultation, joy.
YodLamedGimel to open up, reveal; cause to migrate, lead away captive.
MemGimel (603 w/f); accumulation, junction, addition; together, also, even.
LamedVauZain to shake, pour out; put aside, remove.
HayLamedChet to be weak, feeble; to be sick or ill; to feel pain, hurt; to soothe, stroke; to be sweet, comely; to adorn; a cake; sacrificial cake.
HayYodDaletYodDaletYod pr.n. “Beloved of Yah” — a name of Solomon the Son of David.
AlephYodBetLamed lion or lioness.
ZainVauLamed to wend or bend aside; to turn away; almond-tree or hazel; pr.n. “An Incline”.
HayChetLamed to grind, to chew, to eat.
GimelMem great, mighty; a Magus or magician.

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