Longest. Interview. Ever.

Here in the hours before Yom Kippur, I’ll give, as some final thoughts, the words of my oldest daughter.

As the family discussed (for her, it is probably the gajillionth time) what Yom Kippur means, and the idea of Teshuvah (repentance) with the framework of Yom Kippur, I pointed out (as I did in “Interview Season“) that this observance is not a time for us to look back.

THAT – looking back and asking God (and others) for forgiveness was what we were supposed to be doing in the month of Elul, in preparation for this day. No, what Yom Kippur is about is recognizing and admitting that – in the coming year – we are bound to make some mistakes. And it is that for which we ask God’s forgiveness.

“So, wait…,” she said, looking up from the green beans she was purposefully spreading across her plate in an attempt to make it look like they were fewer than before. “You mean I have to think about all the ways I’m GONNA screw up, and ask to be forgiven for all that?!?”

Yes, that’s the goal.

“That’s impossible! If I had to do that, I may never get out of shul again.”

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