Geek-Matria 11

Continuing my Geek-matria theme I took a few moments to convert today’s date from binary into a number, and then to find out the words that had that numeric value according to Gematria.

(With appreciation to Bill Heidrick for his work on this site)

Today (10-01-11) date equates to 39. The Hebrew words that have that numeric value are:

LamedBetVauAleph (see also 33); river, stream; river-district.
LamedChetAleph I will begin; I will profane.
DaletDaletLamedAleph pr.n. “God’s Friend”.
ChetLamedAleph to be turbid; to become foul or corrupt (morally).
LamedZainBet to be hard, firm.
AlephVauLamedBet old clothes, rags.
HayLamedAlephGimel redemption; relationship.
LamedVauGimel to go in a circle, to whirl, to turn round; to exult; to rejoice; to tremble; worship.
VauLamedGimel exile.
HayLamedDalet to move to and fro, to swing, wave; to draw, draw out; hanging down or pendulous thing; thread work; weaver’s thrum; locks (of hair); poverty.
LamedBetZain habitation; to roll, to be round; dung balls; to dwell; to cohabit with.
AlephLamedChet to be sullied or rusty; to be sick.
LamedTet dew. (in Qabalah, a reference to the free gift of the deity without need for merit or prayer).
YodBetZainKaf pr.n. “False”.
BetYodZainKaf pr.n. “Deceptive”.
HayDaletLamed child-bearing.
DaletHayLamed to burn, to be swarthy.
GimelVauLamed to scoop out.
TetLamed covered or secret; ladanum (gum from opium poppies)

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