Using It For Good

"Getting em up" at U.S.Naval Training Camp, Seattle, Washington. Webster & Stevens., ca. 1917 - ca. 1918

If you are reading this essay, there’s a few things I can safely presume about you:

  • You aren’t terrified of technology.
  • You understand the concept of “social media” – blogging, Twitter, Facebook and the like
  • You are interested in Judaism in specific, or Religion in general
From there I believe I can list a few more items that are true about you, but there’s a margin for error:
  • You use one or more of the following:  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or RSS readers
  • You believe that these technologies can enhance your appreciate of your other interests – following a food blog, becoming a fan of a religiously-focused group, following the tweets or hashtags for related subjects, etc.
With those assumptions firmly in place, I am recommending you read this post:

Beyond the particulars – a Pastor who used Twitter to reach out to his community with messages of inspiration and hope during a crisis – is a much more important idea: that all this technology which we blithely use and consume can be appropriated for a (much) higher purpose. Take a minute to think about it. Really consider how you could extend your “reach” if you considered these technologies to be essential tools rather than cute toys.

Here in the month of Elul when we think about how we could have done better, it’s relevant to wonder if we could have done more good if more people had been able to hear us. If we had used technology to inspire, rather than merely inform. If we had incorporated these tools into the essential fabric of our work.

See if you can imagine a way to boost your signal, and most importantly to ensure that the signal you are sending is worth boosting.

And let me know what comes of it, either in comments or email. It could be the start of something big.

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