Shabbat Nitzavim-Vayeilech (Deut. 29:9 – 31:30)

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Bases are loaded, it’s the bottom of the ninth, and Moses is winding up for the final pitch. We get to hear again about the penalty for ignoring God and those darn blessings and curses. We read that we were all there at Sinai (remember the buffet? Weren’t you wearing that great Armani suit? Oops, wrong party.). And we read that all of this – the entire law – is not so alien to us:

It is not in the heavens, that you should say, “Who among us can go up to the heavens and get it for us and impart it to us, that we may observe it?” Neither is it beyond the sea, that you should say, “Who among us can cross to the other side of the sea and get it for us and impart it to us, that we may observe it?” No, the thing is very close to you, in your mouth and in your heart, to observe it.

If that’s not the parting shots of a manager who is wrapping up loose ends, I don’t know what is.

That’s right, we’re tossing Moshe Rabeinu a going-away bash. Joshua has been installed as the new CEO, the updated letterhead has been ordered, and now it’s simply time to give Moses his gold pocketwatch. (wouldn’t a compass be better – I mean, with the whole wandering in the desert thing? How about a handheld GPS?).

So limited only by your creativity and the category of food which you have been assigned, please bring something you think would be appropriate for Moses’ retirement party.

Not sure what this Torah portion is about? You can find a brief summary in The Edible Torah’s “Condensed Guide to the Weekly Torah Readings”. For more information on what The Edible Torah is all about, along with insight on how to set up a pot-luck Shabbat experience, check out “The Edible Torah”.

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