About once a month, I travel out of town for work. Usually, I catch a 6am flight out and – through the magic of time zones – arrive at my desk at corporate HQ by 8am. This week happened to be a travel week.

The one difference is that I didn’t get to daven Selichot with the group of guys this morning. I was up at the right hour (2 hours earlier, in fact), but since I had to be across town at the airport there was no way to be in both places. I had to miss the minyan.

Once I got past security, I pulled out a Selichot siddur and started to read. I don’t know the tunes by heart yet, so that part was missing. And of course, no shofar.

The trip went the same as it always did. However, here’s one of the emails that greeted me this morning when I logged in.

“Well, today was the first time this year that we did not have a minyan for Selihot.  Let’s try to make it the last also.”

I’m not sure what to do with this. On the one hand, I know I’m that guy – the one who didn’t show up, who let down the team.

On the other, I know I’m not that guy. I told them I’d be out of town, and there are way more than 10 of us in total, so just because I didn’t show up didn’t let the 17 or so other guys off the hook.

But I still feel like everyone missed out today.

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