CROSSPOST: The End is (always) Near

I’m a big fan of Chris Guillbeau. While I cannot (or more correctly, I am afraid to) emulate his technique (travel-hacking his way around the globe; living life 100% on his own terms), I have a deep appreciation for his style, if not his worldview. In fact, reading “279 Days to Overnight Success” was what inspired me to start this blog.

So I was tickled the other day, when one of his posts caught my Elul-centric attention:

The End is (Always) Near

Have you heard the one about the end of time? Yep—it’s on the way.

Every day, we lose another 1,440 minutes that will never return. Farewell, minutes! Goodbye, opportunities.

The other day I noticed I had been thinking “I’ll do that in the summer” about a lot of things.

Then I realized, hey, it’s late August already… seriously? How did that happen?

However it works, time marches on.

This is a friendly reminder to stop living mindlessly. Spend your days in pursuit of joy and adventure. Help someone and create something that will endure.

The end is (always) near.

While I can appreciate his message, I also think the fact that “The end is always near” can be a good thing. The end of a stressful meeting/day/time of life. The end of a bad habit. Or just the end of a task or moment that wasn’t as inspiring as you had hoped.

A famous story  tells of a queen who demanded of her advisors a magical phrase – one with the power to comfort, but also one with the power to cajole to action. One that would give both hope and instill a healthy dose of caution. It had to be short enough, she ordered her wise men, that it could be inscribed on a ring, so she could keep those words in front of her at all times.

The advisor’s returned with the phrase “Gam ze ya’avor”. “This, too, shall pass.”

Here in the month of Elul, both phrases – “Gam ze ya’avor” or “The end is always near” are for me as much a relief as they are a wakeup call.

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