Blogging Elul

As she did last year, Ima On (and Off) the Bima is planning to blog the month of Elul.

Like any blogging challenge, that means some of her posts will be quick hits, others more introspective, and there will probably be missed days as well.

I’m planning to participate in some fashion for a couple of reasons:

First, I am a Sephardi (rather than Ashkenazi) Jew. That means (among other things) that I am obligated by tradition (not law, just custom) to pray Selichot prayers every day during the month of Elul. By comparison, Ashkenazim only pray Selichot for the week preceding Rosh Hashana. (I think this is some kind of cultural payback for the fact that our Tisha B’Av observances differ, but Sephardim come out ahead in that one. And there’s always the issue of kitniyot during Passover.)

Second, I like the idea about any challenge which gets me thinking more deeply – both in general, and about a specific context, holiday, or state of being.

So look for more posts that have less to do with the Torah portion coming soon.



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