Chosen, Choosing, Choices

Over on Open Source Judaism, Aaron has taken a look at the whole “Chosen People” topic, viewed through the lens of Harry Potter (also Chosen, but not quite in the same way).

One of his points caught my eye:

“We became chosen because God chose us. Nothing more, nothing less.”

I take issue with that idea – we weren’t just lucky winners in some galactic lottery. As I said in my comment on his site:

“…We had to opt-in first.

I never get chosen to be pitcher on the baseball team. Why? I never show up to practice. I actually have no interest in being on the team (or at least, not enough interest to get my butt off the couch and get to the field). So I can’t be chosen for anything.

The Israelites made the trek – whether you want to see it as physical or spiritual – to a new place, a place that was outside the conventions of the time, unclaimed by anyone, in the middle of nowhere.

They came and met The Coach even without knowing the exact rules of the game, but knowing they wanted to be part of it.

And THEN they were chosen. It took nothing more than that, but it also took nothing less.”

You can view the entire thing – including all the comments here.

Meanwhile, what do YOU think? Feel free to comment here or there.

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