OmerChallenge: Day 48

Today is forty-eight days which are six weeks and six days in the Omer.
Hayom shmonah v-arba’im yom shehaym shishah shavuot veshishah yamim la-omer.

5 things you are thankful for

Creative Commons License photo credit: mtsofan

  1. My wife. If I am a good person at all, it is due to the impact she has had on me throughout my life. I am the man I have become in a large part for her and because of her.
  2. My kids. They often demand that I be a better Jew (and sometimes a better person) than I think I can be, and to show me how that is done.
  3. Having work that pays the bills. I know it’s often not considered PC to list “work” high on your list of things that are good/important, but given the times I’ve been out of work and the friends I have right now who are in “jobseeker” mode, I’m absolutely happy be able to earn a living. Taking that a step further, I am thankful to be in a career I really enjoy; and to work at a company where I’ve got the flexibility to do other things I love (like write this blog).
  4. Similar to #3, I know too many people whose health is shakey or downright poor. Mine isn’t. Thank God.
  5. After getting what amounts to “the essentials” onto this list, I was left asking myself “what else?”. I realized that I’m thankful to live both “here” and “now”. I live in a place where there is  a huge population of Jews and Jewish expression (not to mention a guaranteed freedom to have both), and I live at a time where I can learn from a wealth of sources (online and offline; people in my community and from the furthest reaches of the planet) as well as a time where I can share my ideas effectively for free, which in turn leads me to learn even more things that were inconceivable just a few decades earlier.

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