Welcome to CJN Readers!

Creative Commons License photo credit: disparkys

I wanted to take a minute and offer a hearty “Bruchim HaBa’im” – welcome –  to any new readers who’ve wandered over here from the Cleveland Jewish News.

An article that appeared in this week’s edition (“Foods That Elevate“) profiles the early years of the EdibleTorah experience, and how it went from an informal social gathering into the trend-setting cultural phenomenon it is today.

…or something like that.

If you are new here, feel free to click around and get the lay of the land. You will see a lot of posts labeled “OmerChallenge” because I’m wrapping up a 49-day blogging challenge, where I posted one short piece every day. Each Sunday morning you’ll find the food theme and invitation for the coming week.

If you want more information, you can take a quick look at “How Does This Work“, or get the full history from “And So It Begins“. Of course, there’s always the “About” page as well.

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