OmerChallenge: Day 38

Today is thirty-eight days which are five weeks and three days in the Omer.
Hayom shmonah ushloshim yom shehaym chamishah shavuot ushloshah yamim la-omer.

Something you miss


No, just kidding. I actually was never much of a bacon fan to begin with.

The one thing I miss with regard to my Jewish observance is, before we started keeping kosher, not having to think so much about food – what it is, how it was made, who and where its being served. I miss being able to go anywhere and eat anything, without the need for any approval beyond that of my stomach and wallet.

When friends came over, I didn’t have to think about them either – their level of Jewish observance, where the food might come from, and so on. I didn’t need to ponder (or worse, ask) about the food before accepting an invitation to an event. Trips and vacations were chances to try new exotic dishes, not a scavenger hunt for places that served acceptable meals.

Being mindful of my food (which I write about a lot over at GoingKosher) is a blessing in many ways. But “simplicity” isn’t one of them (for me at least) with this one.

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