OmerChallenge: Day 36

Today is thirty-six days which are five weeks and one day in the Omer.
Hayom shishah ushloshim yom shehaym chamishah shavuot veyom echad la-omer.

Which Jewish holiday to you have the most decorations for?

Here at EdibleTorah HQ, we love us some decorations, as you can probably tell from the chart above.

By the way, that’s not measuring decorations or even how many DOZENS of decorations. It’s in “buckets”. Those big, 75 gallon, doubles-for-a-footlocker buckets.

I’ve written about Halloween before (here), so it might not come as a surprise that I have a lot of stuff for that particular day on the calendar. It doesn’t help that Mrs. EdibleTorah loves to shop day-after sales, and there are always tons of goodies to be had at 75% off on November 1. I think I have one bucket full of nothing but LED lights.

That having been said, I can also tell you that the Sukkot buckets – which 2 years ago comprised one pitifully small 15-gallon tub, are catching up on the 2nd place Chanukah with alarming speed.

I can only guess what the coming year will bring.


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