OmerChallenge: Day 33

Today is thirty-three days which are four weeks and five days in the Omer.
Hayom shloshah ushloshim yom shehaym arba’ah shavuot vechamishah yamim la-omer.

A website you love to visit

It’s day 33 of the Omer Challenge, also known as Lag b’Omer (or Lag LaOmer if you are of Sephardic descent)!

One of the things to do on Lag B’Omer is to have a big old bonfire (another one of the things to do is to get a shave and a haircut – it’s the first time you are “officially” permitted to do so since the second day of Passover. But I digress…)

In keeping with this fiery theme, here are some websites I love to revisit from time to time:

the Fastest (and most dangerous) ways to light your grill

Deep Fried Turkey Disasters

How to light a bonfire with rockets

Man uses blowtorch to clear snow off driveway

All of the above links should probably be tagged with “Forget not trying this at home. Just don’t try this at all!


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