OmerChallenge: Day 29

Today is twenty-nine days which are four weeks and one day in the Omer.
Hayom tish’ah v’esrim yom shehaym arba’ah shavuot veyom echad la-omer.

Something you’re afraid of

Again, with the word “judaically” or “jewishly” implied. Because who wants to read a post on how I feel about silverfish or leaving the house having forgotten to put on pants?

I am afraid of amnesia – of forgetting that who I am is largely because of who I was. And in so doing, starting to sound like an “ex” (ex smoker, ex addict, ex sports fanatic, whatever), verbally trashing the group I was part of a very short while ago. It’s one thing to say “I made some poor choices and I regret them now” and another very different thing to say “look at those idiots. How could they even think that was a good idea?”.

Pompous. Arrogant. Hypocritical. Self-righteous.

Right now my biggest fear is that in my daily work to learn more about Judaism, I’ll lose sight of the rest of the normal human experience.


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