“Morid Ha-Tal” My Butt!

I have had a problem lately with my davening. It’s definitely a mental block, and it’s definitely MY problem – not any flaw in my environment or the congregation or prayer leaders.

I keep thanking God for rain, instead of dew.

I’ve written about the (very minor) change in the prayer cycle that occurs after Sukkot and again on the second day of Passover (“Cold, Wet, Rainy and Blessed“, “Here Comes the Rain“, “Here Comes the Sun“). After Sukkot, we thank God for bringing the wind and rain (“mashiv haruach umorid hageshem, Who makes the wind blow and makes the rain descend”). We continue to do so until the day after Passover when we switch to thanking God for bringing the dew (“morid ha-tal“).

The only problem is… well, here: Today’s local newspaper front page says it all

I just can’t get into the “sun and dew” mentality when it’s rained 8 out of the last 10 days.

I know I should be thankful (after all, I’m actually praying for rain in Israel, not here. But apparently either I need to work on focusing more or Heaven needs better GPS.).

But seriously. Enough is enough.



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