OmerChallenge: Day 28

Today is twenty-eight days which are four weeks in the Omer.
Hayom shmonah v’esrim yom shehaym arba’ah shavuot la-omer.

Your favorite quote

I try to walk the road of Judaism. Embedded in that road there are many jewels. One is marked ‘Sabbath’, and one ‘civil rights’, one ‘keeping kosher’ and one ‘honor your parents,’ one ‘study of Torah’ and one ‘you shall be holy.’

There are at least 613 of them and they have different shapes and sizes and weights. Some are light and easy for me to pick up, and I pick them up. Some are too deeply embedded for me, so far at least, though I get a little stronger by trying to extricate the jewels as I walk the street. Some, perhaps, I will never be able to pick up.

I believe that God expects me to keep on walking Judaism Street and to carry away whatever I can of its commandments. I do not believe that God expects me to lift what I cannot, nor may I condemn my fellow Jew who may not be able to pick up even as much as I can.

Arnold Jacob Wolf, from “The Book of Words” by Lawrence Kushner

I’ve known this quote for a long time, and it continues to exemplify my Jewish experience. Some stuff isn’t for me and some stuff is simply not for me right now.

And while I get a lot of satisfaction from being able to share what I’ve learned, and even more satisfaction when something I’ve been able to teach makes a difference in others, the “goal” is simply to keep picking up what I can.

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