OmerChallenge: Day 23

Today is twenty-three days which are three weeks and two days in the Omer.
Hayom shloshah v’esrim yom shehaym shloshah shavuot ushnay yamim la-omer.

A weird hobby or collection

Besides inviting hoards of people over every week to share food that is created around a theme linked to a (seemingly random) section of an ancient religious text? A different weird hobby or collection?


Well, I play Dungeons and Dragons. I recognize that the average reader of EdibleTorah might not be familiar with this game (except for other geeky Jews like OpenSource Judaism and Musings) so you can follow this link for my favorite explanation.

For me, Dungeons and Dragons (“D&D”) is less about achieving a goal in a game and more about a collective writing project. Instead of one writer trying to hammer out a story, several writers get together (often fueled by chips and caffeine) and each focuses on the development of one character in the overall story arc.

The setting is highly mythological. The players (or more accurately, the characters in the narrative) must face and overcome fantastical creatures, impossible obstacles, political intrigue and more to achieve their goals. While the context is more Tolkein than Torah, there are certainly similarities.

The separation between the real-life player and the fantasy game character they are in charge of allows people to think more objectively about moral and ethical dilemmas. The fantasy context allows even adults to suspend they usual skepticism to look beyond minutiae (“how did he get all those animals on that boat?”) and focus on the deeper issues.

On a good night, a session of D&D includes text study, halacha (rules), mussar (ethics and behavior) and midrash (stories).

Try that with Monopoly!

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