OmerChallenge: Day 20

Hayom ‘esrim yom shehaym shnay shavuot veshishah yamim la-omer.
Today is twenty days which are two weeks and six days in the Omer.

Your hardest challenge in/to/with Jewish observance(s)

This is a hard one, because I feel like I have so many challenges right now. My Hebrew skills stink, so I end up repeating a prayer from memory (not much Kavanah there, huh?), or reading in English (perfectly valid, but it doesn’t feel right), or meditating on the overall “intent” of the prayer (good as an exercise, but not as a daily habit), or slowly and painfully hacking through each word (On of my kids once took up clarinet. I bet that’s how it feels for God to listen to me.).

But those things will, with practice and commitment, improve.

So I’d have to say that the biggest challenge I have right now is just getting it done. It’s still a fight to get off my butt and go pray – whether it’s a daily thing or on Shabbat. It’s not that I don’t like doing it, I really like the experience one I’m there. But – like small children who don’t want to leave the playground or the tv or the book or whatever to start a new activity – it’s the transitions that I find difficult.

Like now. I’m working on this blog post and really in the flow, but I know I should get myself upstairs and wrap tefillin already.

So good, bad, or indifferent, this is the post you are getting today.

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