OmerChallenge: Day 0

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was inspired to try a blogging challenge, but (of course) with a Jewish twist.

While I didn’t put the word “Jewish” into each of these items (I tried, but it got annoyingly repetetive), you can expect that each one will be somehow related to Judaism in general and/or my Jewish experience, because this isn’t an “all about me” blog.

Along the way, I’ll have to back-fill 18 other days. So we’ll see how that works out.

Look for the first post on Omer Day 19, or Sunday!

  • Day 0: The 30 49 Day Challenge Explanation and Description
  • Omer 19: Meaning behind your blog name
  • Omer  20: Your hardest challenge in/to/with Jewish observance(s)
  • Omer 21: Take a photo of a Jewish part of your day and tell about it.
  • Omer 22: Photos from your wedding
  • Omer 23: A weird hobby or collection
  • Omer 24: A Jewish song or psalm that means a lot to you
  • Omer 25: A random picture that makes you happy
  • Omer 26: Favorite books
  • Omer 27: A place you’ve traveled to
  • Omer 28: Your favorite quote
  • Omer 29: Something you’re afraid of
  • Omer 30: TV shows that your currently addicted to
  • Omer 31: Something you don’t leave the house without
  • Omer 32: A photo that makes you laugh
  • Omer 33: A website you love to visit
  • Omer 34: Share a verse from Torah that is meaningful to you
  • Omer 35: Describe your dream house
  • Omer 36: Which Jewish holiday to you have the most decorations for?
  • Omer 37: Photos from around your town
  • Omer 38: Something you miss
  • Omer 39: Nicknames
  • Omer 40: Favorite Movies
  • Omer 41: Write about the first Jewish tradition you made a concious decision to observe
  • Omer 42: Something you fear
  • Omer 43: A photo of somewhere beautiful
  • Omer 44: 3 things you hope to accomplish by the start of  the High Holidays
  • Omer 45: An aspect of Judaism that you struggle with
  • Omer 46: Your favorite poem
  • Omer 47: A photo of the inside of your car
  • Omer 48: 5 things you are thankful for
  • Day 30 / Omer 49: Write about your best memory from second seder, when the Omer began?

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