11 for ’11

I just read this post over on the URJ’s blog, and thought it would be a great exercise for me (and hopefully you’ll join in).

The premise is simple: we make other kinds of resolutions for the coming year, why not make some Jewish ones?

So without further fanfare, Posted here on the 11th day of 2011 (at 11:11am) are are my  Top 11 Jewish goals.

  1. Get to bed on time. While it doesn’t sound particularly Jewish at first blush, plenty of texts from Torah on forward command that we not injure, weaken or ruin ourselves. It’s time I got into line on that one.
  2. Participate in Jewish learning – take a class, get involved in a Havurah, whatever.
  3. Remember that “participate” is not synonymous with “lead”. Learn to shut my mouth and just listen for a change.
  4. Pay attention to what I’m eating. Not in the dietary sense (although that would be a good one, too). I’m one of those folks who tend to chew mindlessly. Food is just “stuff” you shove in so that you don’t die. I need to start appreciating food and everything it represents (from the  Blessing of having enough to the effort people took to prepare it)
  5. Keep working to improve my ability to daven (Hebrew fluency, comprehension, remembering all the darn nusach and trope…)
  6. Not lose sight of Kavannah while I try to improve speed and accuracy.
  7. Get better at observing the spirit of Shabbat along with the halacha. Learn how to kick back and actually relax.
  8. Read some Jewish books. Only let half of them be “how to” guides.
  9. Add Mincha/Ma’ariv to my daily prayer habits
  10. Continue to find online Jewish resources and contribute to THEIR content – be part of the conversation.
  11. Chant Torah at least once per quarter. It is completely out of my comfort zone, which is why it’s probably good for me.

So there you have it. I’d love to hear what your 11 for ’11 are, either in comments, email or as a link to your blog.