Geek-Matria – the 2010 season finale

Wrapping up my “Geek-matria” theme for the year, I took a few moments to convert today’s date (11-11-10) from binary into a number, and then to find out the words that had that numeric value according to Gematria.

(With appreciation to Bill Heidrick for his work on this site)

Today date equates to 62. The Hebrew words that have that numeric value of 62 are:

TetNunBetAleph band, priest’s girdle, ornamental belt.
AlephSamekhAleph to be strong, to heal.
pr.n. “Healer”, “Physician”.
NunYodBet (712 w/f, also 58/708); to separate, distinguish, mark; to see, discern hear, feel; to attend; to perceive.
separation, internal, between.
LamedLamedBet to well up, flow, pour over; pour together, to confound; to mingle in sexual connection, to defile; Baal.
YodNunBet pr.n. “Built”; “Wise”; sons (of).
NunChetDalet (712 w/f); to grow; grain, millet.
HayNunZain to beget, cohabit; to commit fornication; to commit adultery; to play the harlot; a shore, harlot; religious apostasy; to go whoring (after sex, idols, the True God, etc.).
HayTetMemChet pr.n. “Place of Lizards”.
VauHayYodLamedBetTet pr.n. “Yah has plunged”, “Yah has consecrated”, “Yah has baptised”.
NunBetYod (712 w/f); to understand. (compare Nun-finalBetAleph)
HayGimelVauChetMem compass or compasses (for striking a circle).
HayVauAlephNun desirable or lovely.
ChetDaletNun to thrust out or expel; to impel or strike; to be thrown out; to be driven out; an outcast.
BetDaletVauNun pr. n. “Nobility”.
HayZainNun to bound or spring; to spurt.
BetYodNun fruit or produce.