Geek-Matria 8

Continuing my “Geek-matria” theme I took a few moments to convert today’s date (11-10-10) from binary into a number, and then to find out the words that had that numeric value according to Gematria.

(With appreciation to Bill Heidrick for his work on this site)

Today date equates to 58. The Hebrew words that have that numeric value are:

LamedYodHayYodBetAleph pr.n. “Father is Splendor”.
HayNunBetAleph pr.n. “perennial”.
NunZainAleph (708 w/f); the ear; to hear; to obey.
to point; to sharpen.
to weigh.
weapon or implement.
HayBetNunAleph (also 3); fruit.
HayNunBetAleph to enter, lead to, to bear.
NunVauBet (708 w/f; also 62/712); to separate, distinguish, mark; to see, discern, hear, feel; to attend; to perceive.
VauNunBet enter.
VauHayYodLamedDaletGimel pr.n. “Great is Yah”.
HayNunGimel garden, park.
NunDaletDalet (708 w/f); pr.n. “Low Country”.
NunGimelHay (708 w/f); to surround, to cover.
LamedKafChet to be black or dark; to sadden.
KafLamedChet (538 w/f); to be black, gloomy, unhappy, wretched; wretchedness; wretched one.
NunChet (708 w/f); favorable inclination, favor, grace, kindness; gracefulness; attractiveness, charm.
(considered a Noteriqon for HayReshTawSamekhNun HayMemKafChet, Secret Wisdom or Qabalah.
LamedAlephYodZainYod pr.n. “God’s Assembly”.
LamedYodChetYod waiting, hoping.
MemChetYod (618 w/f); to be warm, heated; to be in (sexual) heat, to rut; to conceive.
HayVauHayYod DaletVauBetKaf the brightness or fiery splendour of Yahweh upon Sinai, in the tabernacle, in the temple. (Schkinah — 385).
LamedVauBetKaf pr.n. “Pledged” or “Bound”.
LamedChetKaf to streak or color (especially the eyes with kohl); to paint. (this is the word for cosmetic antimony paste, Kohl, and is the root of the English word Color).
BetVauLamedKaf net-work; a basket, a cage.
ChetLamedKaf to be firm or strong; haleness, strength; hale old-age.
KafChetLamed (538 w/f); to lick up, to devour, to consume.
ChetVauDaletMem seductions.
YodChetMem a stroke or blow.
DaletDaletYodMem pr.n. “Love”.
VauBetNun pr. n. “Speaker”, Nebo the Chaldean deity akin to Mercury (worshipped as the celestial scribe or interpreter).
pr. n. “Hill-top”.
HayGimelNun to shine or gleam; to cause to shine; to enlighten.
a shining or gleaming (of fire); glory (divine).
light or day-break.
DaletDaletNun to move to and fro, to flap (wings); to move or wander about, to stray.
to flee.
GimelHayNun to be tall or lofty, to be eminent.
to sigh or pant.
BetVauNun to spring or shoot up, to sprout; to be vigorous or hale (of old men); to increase (as wealth); to utter.
ChetNun pr. n. “Rest” or “comfort”, Noah.