One G-d. One Torah. OneShul

Patrick and Michael – the great minds behind IndieYeshiva and PunkTorah – have launched the next step in their ongoing effort to create a cohesive, inclusive online Jewish community – OneShul. In their own words:

OneShul is your synagogue, family and friends. No matter who you are or where you are in life’s journey, you are a part of this great Jewish community.

We are a global havurah (fellowship), bound together by a love of G-d and our growing Jewish spirituality.  Our shared values and our independence are the bedrock of OneShul.

We are egalitarian, inclusive, non-discriminatory, post-denominational and community lead.  The community defines who we are as a shul. A diverse collection of souls from all over the world, we strive for a synagogue of our own, to walk together in Torah, and to make the world a better place.

OneShul is not a building–it’s the world’s first online synagogue.  Here you’ll find live and archived daily prayer services, classes, lecture programs, Kabbalat Shabbat, social services (tikkun olam) and more. Help us build the future of the Jewish tradition.

Michale and Patrick have given me a lot of support over the last couple of years – from bouncing ideas around to reposting some of my essays.

So I took the Condensed Guide to the Jewish Holidays, which you can find in the Edible Torah “store” (where everything is currently free for download) and made a OneShul version of it. You can download it here, or directly from the OneShul site.

OneShul also has a great Siddur, which you can download for a small (you choose the amount) donation. Go here to make your donation, and the download will pop up in the “Thank You” page.