Here Comes the Sun

The sun is shining, the air is warm first thing in the morning, and I was even able to walk out to get the paper in bare feet. All of which are notable and celebration-worthy conditions at this time of year for my northern midwest town. It’s been like this for a few days now. Long enough that a strange yearly forgetfulness falls over me, where I can’t remember that it can still get cold again this year, and that it will get cold again next year.

Back in October, I recognized for the first time the change in a small part of the Amidah – the change from thanking God for bringing the dew to a moment of thanks for the rain. You can read that post here.

This past week I had the bookend version of the experience, hearing the change from “Mashiv ha-ruach u-morid hageshem” (the One Who makes the wind blow, and makes the rain descend) to “morid ha-tal” (the One Who makes the dew). Thanking God for creating Dew will now be part of the weekly Shabbat service (not to mention daily prayers, if one is disciplined enough to drag one’s lazy butt out of bed to do so. Which I sometimes am.)

Thanking God for the dew is, for me this year, more of a reminder of what I’m NOT thanking God for – the wind and the rain. Saying that little phrase is like a quick reminder that it “could be worse. could be raining.”.

And it reminds me not to be complacent, not to forget to plan for the future when it will rain (and snow) again.

Of course, that didn’t help my wife this morning when she woke to a freezing cold house.

See, I had the windows open yesterday when it was so warm, and I never turned the heat back on when we went to bed.