Meme: March Madness

My friend Dan Weiss over at Gross Schechter Day School came up with an amazing idea: Create a “bracket” to show how the playoffs between Jewish theological and historical elements would go (God vs the days of creation vs the Patriarchs vs… well, you get the idea). Who would play? Who would win?

You can read his drash on it here. Like I said, it’s brilliant.

In running the numbers, it came down to a playoff between God and praying 3 times a day. I really struggled with that one, wondering which was more important. In the end, God won in overtime.

So I’m tossing this out to you guys, faithful readers and sports fans. Pull down Dan’s bracket. Make changes if you must, and post in the comments to tell everyone who “won” in your playoff sets.

Download the Excel file by clicking here.