Being a Light

“I’m so glad you are here today,” the woman said to Pandora at her Weight Watchers meeting today. “Because you were the crazy lady.”

The woman speaking had just made her lifetime goal, and she was speaking in front of the whole group about her success. She took the opportunity to single out my wife for honorable mention.

“I always thought of you as the crazy lady,” she continued. “because nothing you said made sense to me. You were in a completely different place. But now that I’ve been following the program, everything you said when I first started fits together.”

Another woman looked at the speaker and said “Well, just so you know, *you* are*my* crazy lady.”

I guess that’s how it works sometimes. We come together as a community and share our experiences. Some things resonate, others challenge our way of thinking – only to come back later and make sense.

And if we are lucky, there is someone there for us to model – someone who we can look to as an example of “how it works” and more importantly, “how I could make it work for me”.

Adopting a new habit or behavior or observance doesn’t require that we become *just like* another person. But it does mean we have to be able to see which elements in our life we would need to change, and also that we have a sense that such change is possible without losing ourselves in the process.