Shabbat Tzav (Lev. 6:1-8:36)

This weeks’ portion begins saying “This is the Ritual (Tzav) of burnt offering.”. However, various interpretations give the meaning of tzav as “commandment”, “law” or even “Torah”.

One commentator explains that the word “Torah” does not always apply to the 5 books of Moses. It can mean the 5 books plus Talmud. Or all the official holy books together (Torah, Prophets, Writings, etc). Then there’s “the Torah of Solomon” (all the teachings of Solomon). Some people go so far as to say that any wise thing said by any Jew anywhere is part of the Spoken Torah – that we are constantly contributing to an ever growing body of knowledge and learning.

SO, limited only by your creativity and the category of food assigned, please bring a food which appears prominently in your Torah – your personal collection body of knowledge and teaching.