National Pig Day – Totally Kosher

According to my local newspaper (along with various nationally syndicated news sources), today – March 1 – is National Pig Day.

Despite my recent diatribe against the idea that food can’t taste good without a slice of hog heaven, I don’t think that there isn’t a place for pig in Jewish life. It’s just not on the plate.

According to this article, there was an Israeli  program in 2004 to train pigs to sniff out bombs in Israel.

Jews can wear leather articles made from pig hide -animal  hide is not unkosher, especially when it has been through the tanning process.

Which means, despite the multitude of jokes about Jews and sports (and despite the examples of a long list of Jewish athletes), we can toss around the ol’ pigskin without concern for our spiritual state.

Insulin – many forms of which are derived from pigs – are completely fine for Jews to use.

 For Jews with a penchant for exotic (or at least non-traditional) pets, keeping a pig may or may not be a problem. Some sources cite a Rabbinic law that Jews cannot raise pigs for any reason – even for research or non-consumption (such as the bomb-sniffing hogs listed above). But other sources say keeping pigs in the home is completely fine. I would list this one under CYLR (consult your local Rabbi).

SO take a moment to reflect on the spirit of this special day. Count your toes.  Relish a moment in the mud. Eat an extra hamantaschen left over from the weekend.

And if you are still able to look an intoxiating beverage in the eye after all Purim festivities, you can Hoist One for the Hog!