Never a Shortage of Opportunities

Given the crisis in Chile today, I wanted to point out something I mention when I teach parent-child classes (it has more impact when both adults and kids are present): tzedakah is a mitzvah – which does NOT mean “good deed” or “do it for a warm fuzzy”. Tzedakah is a commandment, and one which we are commanded to do daily. That doesn’t always mean “give money”. It can take many forms.

But if you are looking for any opportunity to make your daily mitzvah quota, we here at Edible Torah would like you to consider Mazon: The Jewish Response to Hunger. You can either make a donation on their web site, or through the EdibleTorah donation page.

While it’s not up yet, I am betting there will be a way to earmark your Mazon donation for Chile in the same way you can still donate toward the Haiti relief efforts.

How much should you donate? Maimonides was asked the same question once, essentially whether it was better to donate $200 one time, or $1 200 times. (Of course, the original question didn’t use dollars). Maimonides responded that it was better to donate a small amount many times, because it helped develop the HABIT of giving, which would last a lifetime.

Both the Edible Torah and Mazon’s site take donations as small as $1. So please give in a way that allows you to be generous tomorrow, as well as today.