New Velveteen Rabbi Haggadah is out

Nearly 20 years ago, my complete and utter dis-satisfaction with that (ahem!) respected old tome known as “The Maxwell House Haggadah” caused me to blow the dust off my insufficient Sunday school education and create my own Haggadah. The resulting “AdatoSeder version 1.0” was, to put it politely, a complete mess. But it was still better than the alternative.

2 decades later I’m still working on it, and my family still gamely agrees to go along with me year after year.

But if you find that the Haggadah’s at hand are not cutting it, I would offer an alternative to a DIY job:

It should be no secret that I’m a big fan of Rachel Barenblat, aka “The Velveteen Rabbi“. Her consistently thoughtful writing was one of the inspirations that led me to create this blog in the first place.

So I was very excited to see that she’s updated her Passover Haggadah.

I encourage you to check it out. You can use it as-is, or mine it for ideas to enhance your seder this year.

And make sure you let Rachel that you appreciate her work. For us bloggers, it’s the only (and best) pay we get.