Shabbat Mishpatim (Ex. 21:1-24:18)

Parasha Mishpatim continues the idea of forging a moral people out of the slaves who have left Egypt. Laws concerning slaves (who’da thunk? The slaves gots slaves?), what to do with misbehaving oxen, kosher laws and (as a parent) my all time favorite:

“And he that insults his father or his mother, is to be put-to-death, yes, death.”

As mentioned, this portion has the first appearance of the statement “you should not boil a kid in its mother’s milk” (it shows up 3 times in the whole Torah).

So…. Limited only by the category of food assigned, please bring something with the Kosher laws “in mind”.

This is NOT a trick question, but neither is it a request for kosher food. I want you to make a choice about the kosher laws – how you feel about them, their relevance (or your opinion about their relevance) etc. What you bring and/or how it was prepared should reflect that view.