Geek-matria, part 3

Back on the first of the year, I took the date (01-01-10) and read it as a binary number, (it turned out to be 22) and then used Gematria (along with this web site) to find the words that had a value of 22.

Yesterday (01-10-10) the number was 26.

Today is 01-11-10 (binary value 30).

As before, I’m leaving you with the words and the chance to draw your own conclusions.

Lamed Lamed.
(In spelling, interchanges with: Mem, Nun, Resh; Dalet, Tet, Taw; Yod)
(Lamed = DaletMemLamed74; DaletMemLamedMem — beater, chastiser; staff, goad, Ox-Goad)
As a prefix: (direction or motion) to; into; for, towards; to, for, into; to, for, against; (may express “belonging to” or “possession”); by, from; in regard to respect to; at, in.
ChetYodTetBetAleph mellon(s).
BetVauTetYodBetAleph pr.n. “Father is Goodness”.
HayYodVauChetAleph declaration or solution (of a riddle).
VauHayYodChetAleph (see also 24); pr.n. “Brother or Friend of Yah”.
BetZainKafAleph deceit, falsehood.
KafVauDalet (510 w/f); to pound, bruise (in a mortar); a cock, treader.
HayYodDaletVauHay pr.n. “Renown of Yah”.
HayYodZainChet pr.n. “Yah Beholds”.
HayDaletVauHayYod pr.n. “Praised” — Judah, Tribe of Judah; Judea, the Jews.
HayTetVauYod pr.n. “Extended”.
KafYod (510 w/f); to strike or smite.
HayHayKaf to be weary, faint; to be feeble, dim; dull of sight; feeble, expiring; depressed; pale, faint; mitigation, healing.
DaletVauKaf to pierce, to wound; to destroy.
AlephBetZainKaf pr.n. “Deceptive”.
YodKaf that; because; for; when; where fore, that; but.