Geek-matria part 2

Back on the first of the year, I took the date (01-01-10) and read it as a binary number, (it turned out to be 22) and then used Gematria (along with this web site) to find the words that had a value of 22.

Today is 01-10-10 (binary value 26). Most notable of all the words is the un-pronouncable name of God (I’m not reprinting it below out of respect for both the name and some EdibleTorah readers, but you know the one).

I’m not going to try to draw any conclusions myself, but thought you would find the exercise interesting.


YodZainChetAleph pr.n. “Holder”.
KafBetDalet (506 w/f); to stick, join together.
HayYodGimelChet pr.n. “Festive”.
DaletYodDaletChet pr.n. “Sharp-peak”.
YodChetChet hook, ring.
TetTetChet to cut, dig, explore.

HayBetTetYod pr.n. “Pleasantness”.
HayAlephKaf to be dejected, sad.
DaletBetKaf to be heavy, weighty; to be a burden; to be wealthy; to be severe; to be dull; to be in honour; to be glorious; sore, grievous; abundant, numerous; sluggish; difficult; the liver; glory; violence; a multitude.
BetDaletKaf to lie, to deceive; lying, deceiving.
VauKaf a window, a hole; thus, now; hitherto; in this manner; how?