Shopping-nuts Boasting by an Open FireSale

Over at HomeShuling, they’ve posted a contest to list out ways you use Christmas items (purchased on sale after Christmas, naturally) for various Jewish holidays.

Click on over to participate in the contest, but also comment below so the EdibleTorah crowd can get some good ideas too!

Here were the ideas we came up with at EdibleTorah HQ:

  1. pinecones as a different smell in our Havdallah spice box
  2. white tapers to decorate tables for various simchas (weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, etc)
  3. ditto the white table cloths
  4. wreaths, lights, etc to decorate our sukkah
  5. cunningly re-painted Santa figurines as Moses for Pesach table decorations
  6. reindeer figurines as part of the “wild beasts” during Pesach
  7. Christmas light bulbs that fit our electric chanukiah
  8. upside-down Christmas tree cookie cutters as makeshift dreidle forms.