Condensed Guide, version 2.0

The response to the Condensed Guide to the Weekly Torah Reading has been fantastic! But like anything, it can always stand a little cleanup.

My philosophy has always been “Perfect is the enemy of Good”, meaning that I could have held up the original release so that 10 (or 20, or 50) volunteer editors could look at it and make adjustments, or I could release it into people’s hands ASAP so that people could enjoy it right away. I will usually choose the latter, and make adjustments down the road if need be.

Based on feedback from a few of you, I’ve tightened up some of the text a bit. It’s nothing major, and doesn’t even change the page count. But I wanted you to know that a new, updated edition is available for download here.

If you’ve already made a donation, feel free to download another copy guilt-free. If you have been enjoying the Guide, but haven’t had a chance to make a donation yet, I hope you will consider this opportunity to help support an important cause.