And what are you dressed as?

I don’t think I can say anything new or interesting about Halloween this year, since it’s been covered extremely well (at least I think) over on Beliefnet and HomeShuling.

Suffice to say that over at La Casa de EdibleTorah, the decorations were up, the smoke machine was spewing fog, and I was out roaming the streets with the (not so) lost boys.

I had almost forgotten about THAT question. You see, as a Dad, you have to be ready for the moment when some numbskull thinks they are being clever (not to mention original) when they ask a grown man holding the toddler in one hand and the bag of candy in the other, “So (heh heh) what are YOU dressed up as, little guy?”

However, I was surprised to hear myself blurt out, “I’m the deeply conflicted Jewish father who’s children are out well before the end of the Sabbath, participating in a pagan holiday dressed in costumes that contain flashing electronics and collecting non-kosher candy. How about you?”

I figure he may have an answer by the next neighborhood block party. In July.