National Daven Like a Pirate Day

A tip of the kippah to my friend Phil for pointing out this happy coincidence.

That magical day is upon us again, coming as it does, every year at this time: September 19, also known to some of us as

National Talk Like a Pirate Day

This year, it is coincidental with another, perhaps only slightly less exciting holiday: Rosh Hashanah.

I realize that the two may not appear, at first blush, to be compatible. But with just a bit of creativity and open-mindedness, you can combine these two important moments on the Calendar into a pleasing and harmonious whole:

  • Having saltine crackers on hand for Taschlich
  • Augmenting the Unetaneh Tohkef with the rarely heard question: “and who by walking the plank?”
  • Using a hook as the yad while reading Torah
  • Intoning “Arrrrgh” after the sof pasuk (end of a Torah section)
  • Paying attention at the end of the service for the Blasts of the Parrot (where the 7 shofar notes of shevarim contrast hauntingly with the 6 syllables “pollywantacracker!”.)

But the heart and soul of Judaism is in it’s ability to re-envision and renew the liturgy and new and creative ways. So I don’t want to squash your inventive spirit by offering any more of the old standbys of Daven Like a Pirate days of yore. While there is still time, take a look at Saturday’s service (through one eye. The other should be covered by a patch, of course) and see what inspiration you find there.

L’Shana TovAaaarrrrrrrgh